Here are a few more of S.A.R.A.'s success stories in no particular order. (Click for full size images)

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Dovebar and SnoCone

Hi Sara's,

Thank you so much! Our lovely ladies are doing very well. They continue to be so very playful. Aspen/SnoCone still has the same cute kitten look on her face as in their kitten photo. And Willow/Dovebar is still as smooth as silk and has the same beautiful eyes as she did as a kitten. They bring us hours upon hours of fun, contentment, and love!



Hello SARA's,

I stopped by a couple of days ago, and Ashley asked to see some pics of Lisa. I'll send a bunch as attachments for all of you. She's wonderful -- we absolutely adore her!

-Alli & Glenn




Dear S.A.R.A.S
We are very happy to have Bandit in our home. He is getting along very well with his sister Yurika (Boots) and they are becoming quite fond of each other. He is very lively and his name definitely fits him; as he grabs items from around the house and brings them under the table, it is one of his endearing qualities. Nick and I love his company, and we thank you for saving our beautiful boy!
Sincerely, Bandit's Forever Family

Stuart & Nelly (Jinx & Buffy)

We think they'll keep us!
Stuart (aka Jinx) and Nellie (aka Buffy) have been at our home for one month. Birdwatching is a favorite pastime, both from the cat perch downstairs and the bedroom window upstairs. Stuart loves to play with "Da Bird". He could chase that thing all day. Nellie has picked a favorite blue mouse from their large herd. It seems to have the best flying ability. We have all enjoyed getting acquainted with each other. We are so glad they have become part of our family. Thanks S.A.R.A.

John and Kelly


Hero (Beethoven)

Two years ago we adopted Beethoven from S.A.R.A's. He was a frightened little kitty and spent the first few days under a couch pillow. We decided to change his name to Hero to see if it would give some needed courage. Sure enough the name change worked! Now Hero has two little big sisters, Rosie and Lady Bug. Hero had to make some "adjustments", but he proved to a very patient cat, and hasn't let either dog get the best of him in any play session yet. Rosie was also rescued, and even though she is nearly 80 lbs of muscle now Hero doesn't seem to notice. Hero did pick up some peculiar habits from his canine friends though, including playing fetch with a crumpled up piece of paper and going with us on walks. As soon as he sees us putting the leashes on the dogs he comes to the door to wait too. He loves running back and forth in front of the "girls" as we walk around our neighborhood.
As you can see Hero loves both of his sisters very much and we are all grateful he is in our lives.      -John + Erika

An email from Megan's adopters:

Hi SARA Folks,
In August of 2004, I adopted a sweet, older yellow lab named Megan from the Oregon Humane Society. When I got her paperwork from OHS, it showed she had come from Lane County, and had been in SARA's foster program for a few days.
I wanted to say thank you for rescuing this wonderful dog. I'm grateful every day that Megan is a part of my family! She has adjusted easily to being a pampered pooch. She's great with everyone she meets, and has even befriended our cats. Both the dog and I are getting in better shape from going for walks and hikes! :)
I don't know how such a wonderful dog ever ended up a stray. Megan comes when called, she never chews anything but her chew toys, and she never steals people food, even when it's left on the coffee table. She seldom barks, she's housebroken, and just trustworthy in every way.
Megan is a great ambassador for shelter dogs everywhere. Some folks will say adopting a dog from a shelter is taking on someone else's "problem." Megan is a living example that many homeless dogs, especially senior dogs, make wonderful companions.
Thanks again for all the great work that you do. Megan's an awesome dog, and it's because of you that she got a second chance at finding a lifelong home.
Sincerely, Liz Miller (Portland)

A Letter from Sabrina and Moby's adopters (at right)

Moby was born at LCAS and brought to S.A.R.A. when he was 1 day old.
Sabrina was about to be euthanized to make room for more kittens in the cattery at LCAS. She was such an escape artist at the shop that we had to put her on a leash and take her for walks. She now has her own screened porch at her forever home with Moby.


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An Email from Tommy's adopters:

This devastatingly handsome guy has proven that it isn't just cats with 9 lives! Blind since birth, he charmed the many folks that he met along his path as he faced being without a family at least twice since he came into "the system". SARA took him in, blind and with profound hearing loss from long-term ear infections. He was nurtured and repaired (his ears work pretty darn good now!) by so many wonderful people associated with SARA and the fortunate family that will be his last family expresses deep thanks to those folks and to the donors that allow this good work to continue. -K.H.

Update from Bianca and Bowie's adopter's:

(April 2006)
I Thought we would show you a few pics of Bowie and Bianca, they have decided to let us stay with them! lol -Will

Gandalf and Dumbledore

I got these cats from SARA in September 2002 when they were six months old. They are brothers. I named them after two wise wizards, Gandalf the White and Dumbledore -- but although Gandalf was pure white except for face and striped tail, as he grew his back darkened so that now it is orange, and much of him is cream. He is a very large handsome cat who weighs 19 pounds, although the vet says he is not too fat. Dumbledore is a little smaller. He developed severe chronic gingivitis which could be cured only by the removal last year of all his back teeth, but he doesn't notice that they're gone and is now healthy and happy.
Sylvia Engdahl