Here are just a few of S.A.R.A.'s success stories (Click for full size images)

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Disco at SARA's
Lucy (Disco)
We adopted Lucy after giving sweet Dharma a home a few years earlier.   Dharma doesn't get into much trouble unless I print something or open the disc drive on the computer, then she get ready for battle.  Well Lucy get into trouble in many ways, but she always tells on herself before she does something.  She let out a loud modulated meow just before she get into food left on the counter or scratches on something she is not suppose to scratch on.  Lucy makes up for that with being a champion lap cat and loving with everyone that comes in, especially kids.  She will never bit or scratch and will play for hours with kids which keeps both entertained.  To keep fit Lucy chases Dharma for a while and then Dharma chases her for awhile.  Then they will clean each other and take a nap.
Thank you,
Bill and Kathi
Lucy now


Things with Jeremy are going very well, he is quite active, a great swimmer, and loves to go for walks...everyday (he demands them). He is loved by all!



Dharma with her mom and dad


Dharma, her sister Cassidy and mother Maggie were rescued from an abusive home in 2004. She now lives happily with Kathi and Bill.



Ella-Bella Melon

Ella was found dumped in a cat carrier and rescued in 2004. She now has a wonderful home with Ashley, Monica and another S.A.R.A. rescued cat: Scooter (pictured holding hands with Ella at right)


A Card From Emma:

Emma was rescued as a 6 month old Heeler mix puppy from LCAS in November 2002.  S.A.R.A. had her vaccinated and spayed, and she was fostered with us for two months, until a lovely lady named Nancy saw her photo at Pet Smart, asked to meet her, and adopted her.  Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Vermont, where the photo of Emma in her winter jacket was taken.




Ginger was rescued from a filthy van with 22 other cats in April 2002 and brought to LCAS in poor health. Although not expected to survive, she was nursed back to health by S.A.R.A. volunteers. She was our resident shop cat until adopted by SARA's Treasures manager Melinda McCormick in March of 2004.




Rumpy was rescued with his mom and two sisters from LCAS in 2005. He found his forever home with a wonderful family which includes another S.A.R.A. kitty "Little Bit".



George was rescued from LCAS in 2002. We adopted him out but he was returned for health reasons. With the help of Dr. Patricia Shae, we realized George had been shot. With the pellet removed, George now leads a healthy pampered life in his forever home.




Rolley was found wandering the streets of Junction City with another dachshund and when no one came to claim them, they were rescued by S.A.R.A. He's 12-15 years old and very thin, with a heart murmur & neglected teeth. After dental surgery his foster dad Tom (of the pet sitting service "Pets are People Too") found him a wonderful new home with one of his clients, who had a place in her heart and home for the elderly guy. He has 3 canine buddies now, and plays with all of them as though he's a much younger dog!


Is now Ranger (At far Left)

Ranger became an immediate hit with all of the Walker furry family members – and, of course, with me!  He is gentle and sweet.  And, yet, at times he is a very mischievous boy!  His best friend is Monte, the blonde terrier in the matching jacket.  Although there is a vast age difference (Monte is 4 and Ranger is approximately 15), the two have closed the gap:  Ranger loves to clean Monte, they cuddle together at night or for naps, and they even play! 

Older dogs make wonderful family additions because they seem so much more appreciative.  He is my second older boy that I have adopted.  And, you know that old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Not true!  Ranger has learned the commands to “come,” “sit” and, “wait.”  We are so grateful to SARA for bringing Ranger into our lives.  We love him immensely!



Chandler and Patton

Hi Melinda, Roy and Gang!!!!!

Here are a few pics for the site. As you can see, Chandler & Patton are really stressed and abused in our home (wink). The other cat in the pic is Bradaigh (bray-dee) you know us silly Irish and their names ;)

Hope all is well up there and to see you in person very soon.


The Proud Parents of Chandler & Patto


Hi to everyone at SARA - Thought you'd enjoy seeing how well Tiger Lily and her "sister" Bearcat are getting along. These pics were taken over the course of the first week we had Tiger Lily.  It's now been 11 days, 9 of which the girls have been physically together. The two kitties are now inseparable - they play together, chase toys together, watch the birds & squirrels together, & sleep together. 

 Bearcat grooms Tiger Lily for at least 15-20 minutes at a time, and Tiger Lily purrs & leans into it as if Bear were her mother! 

 If they lose track of each other they each have a special call they use to summon the other. They have been pals right from the beginning.  

Best wishes to all of you for the Holidays!  -Bonnie & Mark, Tiger Lily & Bearcat


Sushi is now Emma and Saki is now Nevil.

They love to run and play Nevil loves to run like a crazy man and Emma loves the new carpet in the house.

They are both doing amazingly well and are completely loved!