Here are just a few of S.A.R.A.'s success stories (Click for full size images)

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J.J. (Now Wash)

I thought I'd drop you a quick note and let you know that JJ (now Wash, after the pilot in Firefly) is doing really well and getting huge! He gets along well with his sisters and his favorite toy right now is a fuzzy winter sock, which he drags around the house and often leaves on his special dinosaur food mat. He loves his new cat tree perch, and often sleeps in the laundry room window in the afternoon. Everyone is happy, healthy, and frisky.

Thank you for everything you do to help needy animals and for the loving start Wash had in life.



Willard and Mopsey

Just wanted to share some day-time fun with you. Willard and Mopsy are doing great! They are becoming more and more comfortable and social. They still do not approach me but are sticking around when I am up and about. I consider this to be a HUGE step. Their favorite hangouts are my many window sills and the dining room chairs. The miniature disco ball on a string is definitely their toy of choice. They are perfect gentlemen; never messing with ANYTHING that they aren't suppose to mess with. I am really glad they are becoming less nocturnal and more interested in the sunshine streaming in through the windows. Willard, especially, loves to watch the squirrels, birds, leaves and outdoor happenings. Mopsy continues to be the brave one, periodically jumping up on the bed in the night, sniffing new things and almost always being the first one to come out and about. I'm so glad that they have each other and that I get to have them. Zero behavior or health issues. They are both eating, drinking and using the kitty box without incident. I feel confident that, given more time, they will continue to enjoy home-life exponentially. A very happy summer to you all at SARA's. Heather, Mopsy and Willard :)

















Flopsie (Now Tesi)

We have changed her name as we kept imagining a Beatrix Potter rabbit hopping by every time we said it. She is definitely not a floppy kind of cat!  We worried about it for ages before we came up with a name that we both like and that fitted. I speak a little Italian and the Italian word for treasure is tesoro. She is a little treasure and was one of SARA’s treasures so we chose that and shortened it to Tesi.

Her appetite has always been good and she is incredibly neat and tidy with eating and using her litter box. She gets a bit more adventurous every day. After a few weeks she wanted to leave her room. She is now exploring the house much more confidently despite all the sounds she has to get used to hearing. At times she races back to her room to escape the sound from the washing machine or a loud noise. However she is very brave with the vacuum cleaner which our other cats have not liked.

We are amazed at how playful and athletic she is. She is more like an adolescent or young adult cat compared to our previous cats at 6 years of age. She is delightful and has a mischievous streak as well. We are finding it hard to get all the chores done as she likes interactive games best and it is so hard to resist spending lots of time with her. The feathers on the stick are her favorite toy and she will leap up to try and catch them. She has gone through five so far.

She is not interested in being brushed yet except for a quick brush down her back. She is happy to have cuddles and be petted and will head butt and purr, but she has no interest in getting on a lap. About a month ago she started spending the night with us on our bed so we are feeling very privileged. She prefers to have games and cuddles in her room but we are starting to see the first steps towards having these on our bed.

Games, cuddles and treats are her favorite things. Treats come first. We have set times when she gets them and woe to us if we forget. She can be quite forceful in telling you what’s what.

We look forward to seeing you again on one of our regular visits to your store.





Kai loves to watch the birds outside the living room windows. The second picture shows his ears and what he is looking at outside. He makes chattering noises at the ducks and other birds I feed on my deck. My other cat, Chaz, is snoozing on the couch about 2 feet from him. They aren't best friends yet but as far as bird watching and napping go they are ok. All three of us sat on the couch and watched a movie last night. We are definitely making progress towards domestic tranquility. 

I hope you and Melinda and your staff are having a good 2014 so far! 

Best wishes, Gail






“I wanted to share some pictures of Perogi and Lefse settling into their new home with us. We are so pleased to have them as part of our family - they've settled in beautifully and are completely at home.” ~Aravinda, Amelia & Gabrielle Crocker 




“He has adjusted very well and is sitting in my lap, purring, as I type this. I am sending a couple more photos of my boys kicking back on a Saturday afternoon.”



Hi there!
I was enjoying snuggling with my girl today when it occurred to me that I had yet to send an update! She goes by Huxley now, and she’s taken to it quite nicely. If you say her name, she’s quick to talk back. I love that about her! She also loves chirping at the birds, as seen in the photo attached. When she’s not in the windowsill, she can often be found on my shoulder. :) She’s also very vocal around breakfast and dinner times. Smart cookie! With lots of petting and the occasional fish oil supplements, her coat is looking shiny and wonderful.
She’s such a sweet presence in my life. Thank you to everyone at S.A.R.A for the amazing work you do. Keep it up!

Best, Rachel Saxton, Huxley’s forever mom



“We wanted to give you an update on the dynamic duo that we have renamed Boris and Yoko (formally Gene & Tina). They are two wild and crazy kids! I can't believe how they rough house with each other and not get hurt and the leaps they can do! They have discovered the birds and squirrels that I feed in the backyard and spend hours transfixed until they pass out from sheer exhaustion in their shoebox (see pic).

We are very happy we adopted them and everyday is an adventure for everyone.”