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Honey Lake Rescue July 18th-19th, 2009:
Type Mission
Started 2009-07-18 15:30
Finished 2009-07-19 17:00
Coordinator John Miller
Number Attended 4
Total Person-Hrs 102.0
Notes Four EMR members responded to a general SAR callout to rescue a stranded backpacker. The backpacker became stranded at Honey lake after hiking 10 miles into the lake with a group of friends. The group consisted of an experienced adult male, his 17 year old daughter,and two 17 year old friends of his daughter. All the teenagers were inexperienced backpackers. The subject began feeling pain in her feet after only 1/2 hour or so into the hike but she failed to inform anyone for fear of spoiling the trip for everyone. She had had issues with her feet at birth but a subsequent operation seemed to be successful.
Fourteen SAR people consisting of GSAR and EMR members split into two teams and hiked into Buck Meadows, about 1 1/2 mile from the subjects camp. On the hike up to Buck Meadows, three GSAR members became ill from dehydration and hypothermia. All had to return to the trail head for first aid and a ride back to Eugene.
At the USFS camp, the USFS people briefed us on the situation as they knew it and supplied us with water, mosquito repellent, and some useful local knowledge. They were very helpful and accommodating. Three members of EMR, Bob, Roy and Juli camped Saturday night with the subject. Early Sunday morning these three, on Roy's suggestion, searched around the lake for a safe passage to take a subject in the litter from the lake to the trail, as the last 100 yards of the trail to the lake is not safe for a litter carry without ropes. A safe and short passage was found and flagged. The transportation out to the trail went smoothly. After moving a short distance down the trail, the group was happy to see the posse arrive to take the subject out on horseback. The return to the trail head was uneventful.

In Attendance
Bob Harrison - Filed EMR debrief
Juli McGlinsky
Mark Gully
Roy McCormick

My GPS track from the search (22 miles)
Google Earth: Day 1     Day 2
 Julie McGlinsky with our campers Mounted Posse arrival


North Waldo Search and Rescue July 25th-26th, 2009:

EMR Event Report: North Waldo Search

Type Mission
Started 2009-07-25 09:30:00-07
Finished 2009-07-26 17:00:00-07
Coordinator Michael Kelley
Number Attended 1
Total Person-Hrs 32.5
Notes Five searchers (1 EMR) and one search dog left the North Waldo CG at noon to look for 2 overdue hikers reportedly camped at Lower Edeeleo Lake. They conducted a trail search and sound-sweeps of seven lakes and located the subject's deserted camp at 1900 on Lower Quinn Lake. The EMR member (Roy McCormick) and one GSAR member remained at the camp overnight.

Con't... (by Maryanne)

This mission was for a missing man and his 12 year old nephew who had gone fishing on July 23rd. They set up camp at Lower Quinn Lake. One team went in Sat (see other entry) and ran the trails, spending the night at the camp. On Sunday the plan was to have 2 teams of 6 go into the subject's camp and then search the drainage to the north. The team that was to search the eastern portion requested that they also search Moolack lake since it had not been searched. Team 2 reached the subject's camp and provided a searcher to wait at the camp along with another volunteer. Roy McCormick, who had spent the night then came along with us. We conducted a perimeter search of Moolack lake. We could hear and see the helo to our southeast. When the pilot spotted the subjects he gave coordinates which Roy entered in his GPS. It put the subjects to our SE at a distance of less than 0.5 mi. After some delay from base, we were sent to location of the subjects. We contacted them at approx. noon. After feeding them, checking their medical condition, we escorted them out. The 12 year old became too exhausted to travel. Bobby Baker of GSAR carried him for a long ways. We all began to run out of water and also realized a litter would be helpful so I called for additional resources. The other teams came in with water and the litter and helped carry the boy out.
In Attendance
My GPS track from day 1 of Waldo search
12.8 miles    (Google Earth)
Day 2
9.6 miles     (Google Earth)
Our Subject's camp...
...Was at scenic Lower Quinn Lake Dan attempting comm during the bivy Found em!
Tired, hungry but okay Maryanne demonstrates the "papoose pack carry" Bobby wins the "pack mule" award
Jerom needed a little help getting out
I'm on the left
Grateful family at Winchester Trailhead The end of a long weekend

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