Diamond Peak Moonlight Obsidian Climb

Diamond Peak Wilderness Area, Oregon

September 24th-25th, 2010

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* Doug Nelson - Leader
* Bistra Hristova (Photo credit: BH)
* Roy McCormick
            * Wayne Deeter - Assistant Leader (Wayne's Photos)
* Sue Carey (Photo credit: SHC)

Trip Report:
Although I have climbed Diamond Peak several times I was intrigued when I heard about Doug's Harvest Moon/Equinox Obsidian climb. A non-technical scramble, D.P. doesn't require an "alpine start" in the wee hours of the morning but if you wish to enjoy sunrise from the 8,744' peak you have to start very early...

The five of us left the South Eugene Albertson's shortly after 6pm Friday and were on the Diamond Rockpile trail by 8:30, arriving at our Marie Lake bivouac about 2 hours later. The one day past full moon made sleep difficult during our four hour (chilly) nap but the lunar glow made for easy hiking above treeline. I turned off my headlamp for long stretches to enjoy the view.

Sunrise from the summit ridge was spectacular with a continuously changing palette of colors and shadows from horizon to horizon. The hardest part was choosing which photos to use for this page. Be sure to visit Bistra and Sue's Facebook pages for more photos.

Thanks to Doug and Wayne for leading and driving and to all for the great company.

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View from our camp of moonlit Marie Lake. I need to work on my time exposures with this camera. (kinda blurry) The Moon made headlamps almost unnecessary Reaching the south summit we were treated to nice sunrise colors. Crescent Lake to the right, Odell to the left
Bistra photographing those colors Just a short jaunt over to the true summit for sunrise Hard to capture the spectacular dawn colors
This sunrise was well documented! Here comes the Sun (06:53) The opposite direction showcased the nearly full moon and the shadow of our peak
Wayne and the shadow The summit stick Looking south toward Summit Lake
My shadow merging into the mountain's Note the light just hitting the top of the rock. I was having fun with the light interplay on this trip Doug and Sue approaching the top. They enjoyed the sunrise from the false summit
Self timer at the false summit (BH) "Just a sec... I'm on the phone" (SHC) "OK, Look tough for the summit photo!" (BH)
Wayne exploring the Gendarme north of the summit One last view to the northeast from the summit ridge Wayne and Bistra ready to head down

"This would be much better with snow!"

Indian pipe flowers "Fungus among us"
We took a scenic detour along the PCT on the way down Great Fall Colors Back at Marie Lake looking at where we had been

Moss close-up near the lake.

Wow, No skeeters! ?
Obviously enough, Coral Mushroom Red-Orange Mycena

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